Dungeon Delving in 8-Bits

First of all, It’s down home cooking day at the Labyrinth!
In an effort to use up all the food in our house in our waning days here we’ve taken to making more and more elaborate meals….

We had leftover meatloaf that Dillon L. made from his family recipe, so we spice’d it up with home made vegetable gravy, mashed potatoes and some small portion from the remaining instant stuffing. Hearty food, perfect for two no-longer growing boys who are spending most of their day on the couch. But love to eat.

Super Dungeon Explorer

From Soda Pop Miniatures.  I bought a copy of the first run of this game WAY back in 2011 before Kickstarter (was big). There was a day when a publisher had to take a random guess at how popular their first printing would be, get it wrong; make too many and risk going under therefore not being able to make more games… or make too few and have people decry their inability to produce a game fast enough.

I got my first edition, first printing of Super Dungeon Explorer, it came with a fantastic set of miniatures in a “Chibi” or “8-bit” style that I instantly fell in love with… and an utterly incomprehensible rule-book. To this day people who got to experience the first play-throughs still talk about how bad the first edition rules were. But we persisted, ad-hoc’d, errata’d, balanced, and loved the game. But we didn’t play very often, I had always wanted to paint the miniatures and was ashamed that I hadn’t yet so I wouldn’t bring the box out to play.

Matt B. helped me get over that when I moved in with him in 2015, he had loved the game when we played it as young-yinz and demanded that we break it out. He even wanted to paint miniatures with me. We went ahead and bought the new “Expansion” Forgotten King that was also a stand alone version WITH UPDATED RULES and some “Caverns of Roxor” miniatures to add to are hero and villain pool. The updated rules were worlds better and became essential to a good SDE Experience, especially for first time gamers.  Matt initially acquired both for himself but after opening up the Forgotten king box I needed to paint those trees so I purchased it from him.


These are so cool….

One day I’ll finally put together a cheap light box and take some really good photos of all the painted miniatures, and put them on the blog of course.

But this week I tackled Candy and Cola who were a special edition hero as far back as the first edition…and totally broken to play with. I’ve been using Zach U.‘s airbrush that he lent me, and this thing has been a game changer.

Here is candy. After a coat of white primer, a coat of purple base from the airbrush and some work done on her hair. After DSC05656

Candy was unique for a few reasons, by the time I got around to buying her she was “Out of Stock” so to speak and I had to grab one off ebay. Thanks resellers! Additionally out of maybe…150 miniatures from Soda Pop that I have she is the only metal model. Which poses it’s own painting challenges, but most amusingly she’s really heavy when people pick her up, and they don’t expect that.

After her hair I went and put down a base of flesh tone, then went in and did detail work on the eyes. Doing the eyes well is one of the reasons I’ve avoided tackling the hero models for years now, but I think I did an okay job on the first try. Thanks to the Ninja Division forums for people offering tips and giving examples of their work.

I have censored the next image…the model is wearing clothes I swear, it just does not look like it in this picture and I want to keep everything PG on this blog.


After that I added some sand to the base and busted out the airbrush again for a base coat on the sand and to get another thin layer of skin tone down. This one also censored.Primer

While waiting for paint to dry, literally I went about making  a little prop to add some interest to her base. In the game she is “Soda Master Candy” and can be seen drinking from a soda bottle on her card, but they didn’t include this in the sculpt, so I wanted to put it back in…This time the poor girl has some clothes.

20170530_201747Soda is sort of her schtick I was surprised it wasn’t included in her sculpt. The Kingdom Death version features one…okay call the blog PG-13.

After some final refinement I got the model to a point that I was okay with fielding it, and I just couldn’t look at the tiny piece of work anymore and called it done.

She’s not perfect but she’s ready for play and this marks a pretty big turning point for me. Candy was among the first heroes I had… and now then 50% of my total SDE miniatures are painted, and I’m finally starting to do the player characters. A light at the end of the tunnel can be seen…and behind that light, BUYING NEW MINIATURES!

Fear not this cycle never ends. Hit me up for a game of Super Dungeon Explorer, it will give me a reason to hurry up and paint more.

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